Get-CSI’s brilliant adaptation of the cleanroom is like no other. It is not just a space where people can work without fear of “infection”. It is a high tech, hands free environment. A place where people can meet physically or virtually confident in the knowledge that not only are you and your teams safe and secure, but that ALL of your data, business critical information and IP are too.

Even now, you must work at home if you can, but in these trying times a strategy session or two is a very real necessity.

The concept of a cleanroom is based on using three of Get-CSI’s systems to provide remote assistance to users.



First is Jarviz-IoE, our iOS and Android App, a state of the art in-room controller. Unlike all the run of the mill controllers Jarviz responds to voice commands allowing you to “boot” devices, manipulate lights, doors, blinds, airflow and any other building functions you deem necessary. Most importantly Jarviz gives you access to visualisation technology that helps you make decisions 40% faster with 60% more reliability.
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Second is Get-CSI's Private Network server.  It is an effective tool for protecting your privacy while being remotely supported. We demonstrate Jarviz remotely to cleanroom users by logging into the VPN. Users who are unable to join the cleanroom meeting physically can join in, using the most secure VPN configuration available. The Get-CSI VPN affords users a level of security and safety that cloud based technology cannot.
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Third and finally is the use of IP cameras and live video conferencing to provide remote content curation and technology support across all devices in the cleanroom.
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These three systems running in parallel along with our Covid-19 Safe Government compliant plan gives users assurances that you can still meet in person, include others externally, and be confident that private and secure remote personal support (by humans) is available for the duration of your meeting or event.

Get-CSIs cleanrooms currently supports Microsoft Office including Microsoft Teams, the Google G-Suite of Tools, Zoom, Skype and many other popular platforms.

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Uses of the Get-CSI cleanroom:

  • Small meetings during the staggered re-opening of the Australian economy;
  • Remote tours of cleanroom capabilities and available technologies;
  • Retro-fitting of existing meeting rooms requiring remote support;
  • Fit-out of existing boardrooms with remote control technology and new display systems;
  • Expanded fit-out of entire workplaces with remote control technology and other display systems.

    “The Get-CSI Cleanroom is easy to use, high-tech, private and secure. The support team controlled everything remotely for the entire day. With today’s restrictions the cleanroom is quickly becoming an essential tool for economic recovery.” -Anonymous.