Innovation in Healthcare Systems

Collective social intelligence (CSI) is the process of getting IT people and medical professionals working together better by establishing Collaboratories.

In a Collaboratory prototyping, user experience, content and user interfaces are developed collaboratively with Clinicians, Health Care professionals and IT specialists to develop better ways of working to implement innovation for Aged Care and National Health Registers for example.

Our unique visualisation platform facilitates the creation of IT systems requirements. Through visualisation and the 12 points a Collaboratory enables the model for innovation, a proof of concept incubator where ideas can be prototyped faster and tested rigorously in a controlled environment.

In addition to health process improvement, CSI specialises medical device design. Our research into new uses of the Blockchain has results in a world’s first R&D design for The Health-Chain™ medallion . It stores synchronised data to the Patient-Chain™ network. It is also used to verify data from visits to healthcare collaborators and to assist with managing everyone’s health insurance including claims and level of premiums. Our value proposition is in using technology to enable people and process. We do this through:

  • Managed permissions: establish trust by controlling who can connect to your data
  • Rapid deployment: get verified access to health data immediately
  • Data redundancy: get validated access no matter what
Process map for improving hearlthcare collaboration

Process map for improving healthcare collaboration

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The Healthchain story: