Ultimately, success of any space lies in its use and its fit-for-purpose. For the property industry a Collaboratory contributes to the following outcomes:
• lease take-up (or renewals);
• improved customer relationships;
• customer value add services;
• referral visitors and prospects;
• industry recognition;
• new business/relationships for partners;
• press/media exposure;
• and most importantly, a strong sense of ownership, community and pride.

Our expertise provides for the creation of a digital agenda for, both today, and the potential.

Collaboratory Design

Visual Property

Integrated Room Control

Property Portfolios: Content & Software Development

This work is new for the property industry.  Is has the benefit of creating new innovation for customers, staff and partners that has not been previously available. The work results in specific modes of visualisation and workflow processes that enable:

  1. The use of social media and the data visualisation for customers to track their trending popularity;
  2. The mapping of under represented assets;
  3. The collection of demographic and psychographic marketing information that is third party specific;
  4. The ability for third party collaborators to be brought into a “Collaboratory”;
  5. The partnering with retail customers to create “edutainment” environments within owned retail assets;
  6. The creation of “sticky” engagements to encourage repeat business in the retail environment.