Get-CSI at the first International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam

We are so lucky to be part of the very first international customer experience awards this year held in Amsterdam. We were asked to submit for the category of digital transformation, we thought it would be right up our alley, and to our surprise we were one of the finalists! 

With over 150 companies and over 100 judges from 26 countries it was quite the eclectic mix of experts from around the globe, and it was our pleasure to present on how we have transformed the physical and digital space for our Client, ISPT in Melbourne Australia.

And we would be remiss not to mention our own customer experience with the CXPA awards!

Having practiced our presentation to a tee, we arrived at the Amsterdam TSA where we scouted out the AV equipment in our room, we brought a self contained presentation kit including mini projector, portable wifi, three UE Boom speakers, a clicker and of course the laptop we were presenting from… you can never be too careful! In our experience any equipment including screens, speakers and even in house wifi cannot be 100% trusted.

We also had a look at our competition, very knowledgeable groups who spoke about their experience in changing their own business practices and bringing their own companies’ processes into the digital realm. Our fellow finalists were Musgrave (Irish Supermarket chain) who updated their online shopping experience, Dubai Health authority, and a joint submission from Business stream, a water company and their consultant group Capgemini, who used robotics (more specifically AI) to streamline their customer onboarding process.

After seeing all our competitors present “death by powerpoint” back to back it was our time to shine… so we were feeling good about our off-beat presentation, so hopefully we would stand out.

After a quick 2 minutes of AV setup and shuffling of chairs and tables, our presentation started with our custom made CSI jackets hanging on chairs at the front of the stage – with our names printed on back above our CSI logo and we are standing behind the audience ready to walk up. We also placed an iPad on a table in the middle of the stage with its own jacket on the chair in front of it spelling “Jarviz-IoE”. You can see where we were going with this…

We begin by playing the intro to the song “Things that make you go hmm” by C&C Music Factory. We walked up to the stage in time with the beat and proceeded to put on our jackets, and simultaneously uttered the lyrics together as the judges stood up and took photos of our shenanigans.

We then proceeded to the formal part of the presentation where we showed how we transformed a space from an unloved, empty sand uninspiring tenancy to a thriving metropolis of collaboration and innovation with hundreds of visitors per week! The space is now referred to as Foy’s Arcade, ISPT’s experience centre, workshop and training facility, event space… the list goes on. We explained how this is one of many “Collaboratories” that we have built around the globe.

Then we went into some of the digital tools we have developed bespoke for ISPT, to wrap around the space and their business, the most enamouring being “Jarviz-IoE” our internet of everything controller. The iPad then spoke as another member of our team, with the iconic top-hat, monocle and stash lighting up with each smart-arse robotic phrase…

As jarviz spoke the judges seemed to perk up their ears with interest but also confusion and skepticism. Some furiously taking notes, and the others looking around at each other as if to say “are you seeing what im seeing?”

Our time ended with a video with our client speaking about us, explaining in her own words how our technology and space merge into seamless customer experiences everyday with Jarviz in the background controlling everything from the lights and blinds to the content on all the screens. She showed how we sit at the edge innovation in technology and source the best of the best in terms of hardware or software or invent and prototype it ourselves.

Then it was onto 15 minutes of question time… mostly from two or three judges who struggled with the idea that we did everything ourselves, end-to-end. Meaning we are a technology company but we wrap our services around every aspect of our clients businesses so they reap the benefits of our bespoke tools and spaces for their own people and processes. As Kristina our founder and behavioural psychologist said in closing… “this will sound incredibly arrogant… but we have no competitors … no one can do what we do”.

And with a few nods, pleased faces, as well as some still skeptical ones… we bid farewell and hoped for the best until the winners would be announced at the awards dinner that night.

Fast forward to our table at the dinner, we had front row seats to a lavish, colourful event with our new custom made round USBs and all our marketing material pre-loaded on it, one in front of every guest at our table. The winners started to be announced one by one, with a glorious cheer for each winner… it came to our category “Digital Transformation”.

Unfortunately we didn’t win but it didn’t feel like a loss, as we have a great time and really started to articulate what we do and how we can transform any business from zero to hero! It was also a great chance to see other businesses takes on customer experience and team build in a foreign environment. We only wished the food was a little better!

The good news is we had the next two days free to experience Amsterdam for those of us who had never been before, soaking in the beautiful art, architecture, culture and history, we want to go back ASAP!