Get-CSI Health-in-Hand Continues in 2019

Many of you might recall that our Systems Engineer, Dr Jim I Jones, was a keynote speaker at last year’s Health-in-Hand Symposium.  This year Dr Jones has completed an expanded version of his paper on optimising health care.

The paper, which is more like a substantial book, outlines a methodology for optimising health and senior care. He show us how elements of various standard disciplines, methods and processes are synthesised to support effective collaboration and innovation. This enhances the management of care teams and support services by using established models and software.

His rationale for writing the paper includes how to fix health care including senior care because the costs have reached 17.9% of GDP in the U.S. and 10.3% in Australia. It is continuing to climb at an alarming rate in nations throughout the world.   Jones’ integrated information system based on the methodologies presented will allow for the inclusion of social and cultural elements into healthcare overall.   This will serve as an optimisation and adaptation mechanism and has the potential to reduce overall aged care costs by more than 30% while providing an integrated management capability for health, home and hygiene.

Near the end of the paper Jones describes how collective social intelligence can help to maximise quality of life for seniors in the context of “Medicaring” to become sufficiently internet literate to obtain medical advice and direction.   He concludes that CSI applied to the world medical community could provide the best medical diagnosis anywhere, anytime.

Click this link to download the paper(5MB).