Get-CSI Presenting at the launch of Dialogue Flex by ISPT in Sydney

ISPT and CBRE launched their new Co-working, meeting and event space in Sydney’s George Place called Dialogue Flex. We were lucky to present some of the Technology demo how it can be used, and show the benefits of what a collaborative ecosystem can do with the right people, process and tech behind it.

We talked about the importance of ubiquitous technology, content, visualisation, experience and the absolute necessity of PUTTING people outside the box … to get them THINKING outside the box! The Room with our technology is called the “Collaboration Cube”. It’s the showpiece, the standout room for tenants and customer to hire for their meetings, events, presentations and workshops.

Featuring some of our latest hardware and software that has been proven in Melbourne at Foy’s Arcade. Everything down to the furniture which has been audio treated, to the dual blended projection system with our custom stitching software. We also included our Internet of everything App which sits across everything in the room from the lights, blinds, temperature control, screen, and even the frosting on the glass can be switched at the touch of a button!

The floor has an awesome, flexible fitout, with varying spaces that are modular and can cater for all sorts of corporate events and workshops. So good to see the progressive ISPT and CBRE teams coming together to bring something exciting to the building, and to Sydney.

The Launch kicked off with some speeches from the CBRE team who worked so hard to push this project across the line, and straight into some live music, rediculously lavish canapes and a custom gin table with all sorts of garnishes which is where we hovered around for most of the night!