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CSI and ISPT Open Foy's Arcade in Melbourne

People are naturally social, and social relationships have sustained the ways we interrelate to start and then finish our greatest achievements. Today, the ways we use technology have created a virtual-world that is overloading us with so much information that the resulting behaviors are breaking many productive social relationships in the actual-world. The virtual-world very often results in out-of-proportion reactions to too much information and too much connectivity. There’s nothing wrong with technology, but if we embrace Collective Social Intelligence (CSI), the technology will be put to better use because by necessity, our virtual-worlds will be cleaned up, mended and re-defined to put humans back onto a faster track of globally pioneering and progressing our place in the universe.

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Join us at Foy’s Arcade by ISPT and CSI, a one of a kind, truly immersive customer experience centre in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. As you can see from the 3D walkthrough above, Foy’s Arcade has been designed as a flexible and multi-functional space to inspire our customers and partners to experiment and innovate everyday.

FOY'S ARCADE by ispt and csi featured on channel ten - by CBRE | The Placemakers

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The Queensland University of Technology Cube on Channel 7


Physics playroom

CSI and ISPT - Foy's Arcade Experience Centre Melbourne

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CSI - The CollaborationHub - Visualise and Manage your Portfolio

CSI - Bespoke Retail Experiences

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Project: CollaborationHub

Project: The Cube

Project: The Cube


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FMA Australia 2016

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