Quite simply CSI’s Pitch Perfect programme specialises in two things: People and Communication. By assisting people to create success through compelling communication skills we are able to drive progress, efficiency and ultimately determine leaders.


A fool proof methodology for empowering anyone who needs to win new business, pitch to corporates, prepare for a Ted Talk or simply has an aversion to public speaking. Maximum of Eight participants per session.

If you are interested please send us an email on learn@get-csi.com.

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You can expect

  • Increased satisfaction and engagement.
  • Delivery of important information in a consistent, persuasive and effective manner.
  • To be motivated to a specific course of action based on your objective as a presenter.
  • Value added information and insight through audience interaction and analysis ensuring a “what is in it for you” for your audience.
  • “Ted Style Talks”, Corporate Youtube, Panels, Boards, Clients.

your staff can achieve

  • A common process and framework for preparing and delivering compelling, persuasive written or verbal presentations every time!
  • An in depth understanding of your audiences “individual style” to enable you to adjust your presentation to most effectively convince the Decision Maker.
  • A successful solution to awkward team presentations.
  • A fool proof methodology for dealing with any difficult audience whilst still keeping them involved and engaged.

Knowledge is not impersonal, like money. Knowledge does not reside in a book, a databank, a software program; they contain only information. Knowledge is always embodied in a person; carried by a person; created, augmented, or improved by a person; applied by a person; taught and passed on by a person; used or misused by a person. The shift to the knowledge society therefore puts the person in the center. In so doing, it raises new challenges, new issues, new and quite unprecedented questions about the knowledge society’s representative, the educated person.

- Peter Drucker, The Educated Person


This structured process is psychologically grounded whereby
one individual assists another to perform, learn and achieve at a
superior level via an increase in self responsibility and ownership of
performance thus enhancing existing aptitude.

Creating an awareness of factors that determine performance and
recognising and removing internal barriers to achievement are the
basic foundations that ensure long term behavioural change.
The cognitive and behavioural restructuring is inextricably linked to our ability to communicate and therefore enhance our interpersonal skills.

In turn this lends individuals to think differently about the ways they
conduct themselves within the organisation and identify themes and patterns that may be habitual or self limiting.

It also enables individuals to challenge and question assumptions about what they suppose works for them and to recognise what does not.

Please send us your expression of interest at learn@get-csi.com

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