Press-On and The SFB

I am either a glutton for serious punishment or the embodiment of how a vision and a mission in combination with my own persistence and tenacity has lead to the ability to ardently press-on with life, the universe, everything, and most importantly my dreams.

My book, or my Stupid F***ing Book (SFB) as I had been more likely to call it at least ten times a day has stopped me from writing on this blog for almost a year. That and my gratuitous propensity for harsh realities and change on an ongoing basis but now with the SFB publication date here I suppose it’s at least time to write about the fact that I have actually written it!  And it is published!

So here goes, my attempt to enlighten you all and obviously entice you to read it.

I have vacillated between being engaged and thoroughly frustrated for a few years now with the process of writing this book.  A book about Collective Social Intelligence and how it is done.

I learned a lot along the way, what to do what not to do, how to cope by implementing my own personal version of CSI because I was also in the midst of an extremely difficult divorce, estranged from my children because of it and moving from place to place like a vagabond. To top it all off I finally quit my University job to start up my own business. 

Fast forward to today! Enter… the SFB, my new life with the love of my life, my new wife and some real enthusiasm… finally!

So back to my book Collective Social Intelligence, where I offer a perspective centred around managing our online and real-world identities for the benefit of global connection.  It is unique in the way it brings broad new concepts of global interaction into an everyday context, for every person to read and apply in their own lives.

A world connected through Collective Social Intelligence (CSI) will make us all more capable of creating effective collaboration and innovation for solutions in personal, local and global contexts.  Perhaps we can put the climate change debate to rest or get off the planet if indeed it’s true.

Collective Social Intelligence is about awareness, faith, rationality and being productive  through planetary consciousness. Every person has a role to play in improving the human condition, no matter what political, economic, social, technological or other orientation you have.

The book started from logical ideas about how we can make the world better by the ways we collaborate using technology and the social forces that make humans uniquely capable of sustaining coordinated efforts.  The ideas rapidly evolved in to – what will no doubt be – many books.  This first one has become more personal than scientific or logical.   It just felt like the right way to start.

The ideas in the book also come from knowing that connectivity is a positive force in our world with more potential that we currently use and that there is a need for us to control its influence over our lives and interactions, rather than letting it control us.  This will require all of us to think more clearly about the people and groups we connect to, the more general connections we make online, and any of the ways we get linked up to each other to form the sorts of collective IQs that create value from innovation and collaboration.

Today I see a world where the attention deficits that get associated with media overload and over connectedness would suddenly disappear because we would harness the power of CSI to create a rapid response system, using unique skills to create a network of engaged citizens.  I also see the signs of an awareness re-emerging that connectivity should enhance and augment human intellect and capability not detract from it.  Nothing will ever replace actual face-to-face, especially for true problem solving, but we are now linked to each other by artificial means. I am not suggesting that ability to connect should go away because  machines are in our social realms for good. what I am suggesting is that we use the “network” for less shallow, selfish reasons.

Transforming this mess into collective thought by embracing CSI will be challenging, because our identities, values and actions are fragmented; we all come at problems and solutions from different points of view and from different places and cultures, even different frames of reference.  We use words differently and we hear what others say from our own set of definitions. So, the first step is to eliminate the ambiguities in language and how we talk to each other.

The what, the why and the how to of CSI and the changes necessary for its success are the subject of the book.  It involves pressing-on with life, the universe, and everything; this I say at 52. It involves a dream for how trust, identity, value, learning and creativity can be embraced to create a unprecedented global consciousness.

Creating Collective Social Intelligence is about creating literal pathways through which problems, ideas, knowledge and solutions can flow. Clearing the pathways, you emerge aware of your impact, as a constantly learning person who is engaged and enabled to become part of a bigger and bigger picture. Clearing the path to your goal is often the hardest part, so pay particular attention to the “how to” chapters in the book.

The rarely lauded 30th President of the USA sums it up in his now famous slogan “press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”.

So, I have an editor, a cover, a lot of words and more than a few related speeches from the past six years to get out of my system so that I can get on with more pressing matters, writing my next book CSI, Privacy and Security.

Stay tuned………

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