JarvizIoE™ voice activated app

JarvizIoE™ provides a front-end control of a place operating system (PlaceOS) and user-interface for anyone to configure everything in a room, floor, building or precinct by clicking a button. Expandable with no real device limits, JarvizIoE™ iterates into every imaginable environment.

JarvizIoE™ is our unrivaled Internet of Everything (IOE) software, which brings together people, process, data, and automated actions to make networked connections more relevant, turning information into insights and new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.

The pillars of CSI’s IoE include improved human vs digital experiences, connecting people in relevant ways, converting data into intelligence, delivering the right information to the right person (or machine) at the right time and connecting physical devices and objects to the Internet and each other.

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The collaborationhub™

Visualisation has many direct and indirect benefits when used to represent the various iterations of your data. Ambiguity of language can often hinder the explanation of abstracts stemming from datasets without visualisation. Attributes can be assigned to data points and can be given differing color, shape, size etc. to help arrive at decision milestones therefore creating faster decision making capability.

The CollaborationHub™ software developed by CSI is essentially a cloud based web interface for the visualisation of the entire portfolios, projects and products.

The interface is based on a substantial underlying database containing the relevant information. It also gives users access to cloud based storage of information that they can share and collaborate on.

Database metrics are put through a sanitisation process an arranged into Effort, Schedule and Cost. Plotted against supplied metadata, these metrics can be rated, color coded and arranged for immediate visualisation, enabling decision making to happen 40% as the ambiguity of language disappears.

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Bluetrack™ - accurate tracking technology

Our methodologies are called Collective Social Intelligence, with emphasis on “Social” to determine how to fit-out environments through a place operating system (PlaceOS) so humans can control the flow of information and services we constantly connect to.

BlueTrack™ is one element of the PlaceOS, a networked Internet-of-Things allowing us to “see” people, asset utilisation and occupancy in REAL TIME.

Using BlueTrack™ and JarvizIoE™ we automate utilisation and occupancy by tracking, analysing and visualising, the who, where, when and what people are doing in a place. For example in healthcare, BlueTrack™ is used to automatically give doctors entering a facility a dashboard of patient information upon arrival.

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CSI software development naturally extends from intuitive interface design through to an interface gesture controller for hand coordinated gestures to emulate desktop mouse actions at scale.

The CSI Swiper™ technology allows a person to control all facets of movement by using hand gestures to navigate, click and move visual information.

This method has advantages when dealing with public spaces like museums or exhibitions where peripheral hardware can be locked away and there is no need to sanitise equipment saving on both OPEX and CAPEX.

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