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Effective collaboration involves learning new skills, making information more accessible, and adopting standardisation of processes, all of which will determine the speed at which financial benefits and new knowledge can be transferred and used beyond those individuals who create it.

Our 12-Point Plan for Effective Collaboration is a framework for creating the program of projects needed to implement workforce improvement by getting people working together better. We do this by combining design thinking with a scientific approach to business transformation focusing on people, process and technology initiatives.

The 12 Points align with the APQC Process Classification Framework and the World Economic Forum’s 12 Pillars of National Competitiveness.

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Software development

Effective collaborators use visualisation for faster decision-making and determining the financial benefits from people working together better. This requires a comprehensive understanding of how the organisation functions so that the right information can be provided to individuals and groups at the right time.

Our software products integrate work practices and provide user-friendly interfaces.

Our research has shown that using the visualisation capability of the Collaborationhub for project reviews and work groups makes decision making 40% faster.

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Hardware and Audio Visual

Our partnerships allows us to provide a range of custom installation designs, furniture, A/V, compute, touch and gesture solutions as we continue to source and partner with the world's best providers.

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content creation

Our team are experts at every imaginable iteration of content creation. From data visualisation, to augmented reality, virtual reality and interactive graphics we can create custom experiences to meet any customer experience requirement or new business concept illustration.

  • Concept illustration
  • Visual analytics
  • 3D graphics
  • User interfaces
  • Web and video
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    Learning & development

    In an office environment where visualisation is used pitching and presentation skills become a key to delivering innovation. Our learning and development programs include:

    Pitch Perfect is an intensive skills based program that actually achieves life changing behaviours as a result of your participation in the program. Educate, Demonstrate, Do is the underlying method of learning where participants experience real change and improvement. Guaranteeing their effective, persuasive communication to all levels internally and externally.

    Solution based selling founded on Marston and Cialdini’s psychological influences educates participants on the “how” to recognise the Decision Makers, understand their buying behaviour and how to “sell” every product, service or concept to get a YES every time.
    Lie to Me also explores Emotional Intelligence and the customer relationship cycle to ensure that you not only keep the customers you value but that you generate more form them.

    Workforce Improvement for Innovation is where participants begin to truly understand what innovation actually means for a business and how it can and should be implemented and taught so that the practice becomes second nature to the company and its people resulting in competitive advantage and actual culture change.

    Listen, Learn, Enable, Act, Deliver is a longer term program that develops participants Emotional Intelligence and dives deeper into the behavioural psychology of influence and persuasion resulting in foolproof methodologies for ensuring success in life, business and relationships.

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    Research and development

    We specialise in new product development, interactive software and visualisation of new ideas and businesses.

    We are also experts in many of the R&D tax incentive opportunities and research grant programs across, Australasia, North America and Europe.

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    FlyCSI drone services

    FlyCSI is not like any other drone company in Australia. We not only specialise in drone filming and photography but provide the capability for mapping, editing, asset inspections, 3D modelling with interactive environments, image stitching, and 3D interactive videos.
    We have expert UAV pilots and a state of the art fleet of drones so that we can tailor make engineering solutions to suit any drone challenge.

    Go to FlyCSI for more info.

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