WiFi: Workforce improvement for innovation

A methodology for how to implement and support innovation and collaboration within your organisation.


By completing the Wifi program you will be able to articulate how collaboration and innovation work in your company and you will understand how to assess innovation and understand its progress (stages of maturity and requirments). Wifi emphasises the ability to articulate innovation using a common language and a common framework that highlights best practices and visualises what it means to help build an innovation capability that leads to measurable outcomes and improvement.

Wifi is based on creating visual, portfolio pipelines that are geared toward tracking progress and execution on new innovation and collaboration practices that can be made explicit to everyone.

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Collective Social Intelligence™ (CSI), is a combination of design thinking, systems thinking and behavioral analysis coupled with a scientific approach to business transformation focusing on people, process and technology initiatives. CSI enables effective collaboration that leads to the embedded learning of new skills to accelerate financial benefits from new knowledge.

Effective collaborators use visualisation for faster decision-making and determining competitive advantage. Our unique visualisation system helps show the progress of growth and profitability across any industry or market segment. Through this process workforce improvement is monitored so that the right people are provided with the right expertise and information to generate decisions 40% faster.

Our process and visualisation platform eliminates ambiguity by making improvement and innovation tangible outcomes of people working together better.

Our approach has been developed by a Professor of Interaction Design, a Systems Engineer and a Behavioural Psychologist, ensuring that the methodologies transcend every aspect of workforce evaluation to guarantee unique, highly performingwork, workers and workplaces.

Innovation is a capability based on a CSI enabled workforce engaged at many different levels for all of the right reasons.


You can expect:

  • Increased understanding of what the workforce needs to be innovative and how to implement innovation through collective social intelligence.
  • The tools and techniques to create and implement a portfolio of projects that creates workforce improvement and change based on a bespoke, specific and tangible definition of innovation for your company.
  • To be motivated to a specific course of action based on objectives as a staff member.
  • Value added information and insight and a visualisation of your company’s own innovation project portfolio.

You can achieve:

  • A collective and common process and framework for preparing a portfolio of improvement projects.
  • A visualisation of the projects needed to improve innovation readiness.
  • An understanding of global project portfolio management and how it can be used for workforce improvement.


Any staff member who has responsibility for any aspect of the operation or administration of the business at any level and who wishes to learn how to implement and support innovation.

Collaboration and innovation are social in nature requiring elements such as trust, motivation and rewards that are not always found in ‘normal’ operations. Here are a few reasons why it’s hard to create an explicit innovation capability.


Our curriculum includes:

  1. 12-Point Plan
    Learn the 12 fundamentals that are the foundation of successful CSI and workforce improvement. Each is explored and practiced for the duration of the program.
  2. Defining Innovation
    Visioning workshop to define your company’s own specific innovation.
  3. Participant Presentations
    What will your future will look like if you improve innovation readiness?
  4. Profiling your Company
    How you want to appear to your customers vs how you actually appear to them.
  5. Improvement Project-portfolio
    The implementation of innovation readiness.
    Innovation Projects
    Definition exercise.
  6. Homework
    Define 3-4 specific innovation projects.

Please send us your expression of interest at learn@get-csi.com

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